Creating Mind Maps With MindMeister

MindMeister is an online freemium mind mapping tool that allows users to visualize their ideas and create presentations. The base function of MindMeister is to allow the user to easily create mind maps that flow from one main idea or concept, out into multiple different factors that make up the main idea. MindMeister also has the ability to be used alongside project management, allowing managers to assign tasks based off of the original mind map. The project management tool requires using MeisterTask When thinking of MindMeister and its uses, it could be useful within both the education field and marketing field.In regards to students, when placed in teams, projects can be mapped out into different threads and each thread can be assigned to each student in the group. This allows group projects to be visualized in the aspect of what information needs to be obtained and who will pursue that information. Teachers can use MindMeister as a tool to help students visualize subjects that stem from multiple causes. For example, a history teacher could use a mind map to show all the factors that lead to world war one.The usefulness for marketing teams here is unlimited. A marketing manager can create a mind map for marketing budgets. The main portion of the web could be the amount they are allotted and the stems could be the different types of marketing the budget will cover (social media, print media, web, email, etc.). Teams can also use mind maps for new projects. A commercial is a perfect project for a mind map. The main idea is a commercial and this stems out into the need for actors, videographers, make-up team, wardrobe team, etc.Being able to visualize complex ideas and concepts is key for any team.

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